PROGECT is the first company to use electrostatic atomisation in the Canton of Ticino,where it has sanitised a combined area of over 150,000 m² to date, for more than 100 customers, as a mark of our skill and experience.

Using the electrostatic sprayer guarantees optimum results every time.

The disinfectant products we use are approved and certified effective against bacteria and viruses, but are non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. They leave no residue behind as they contain no harmless chemicals, so there’s no need to rinse them off.

Our company has opted to use a process based on chemical products, since ozone treatment processes are lengthier and cannot offer sufficient guarantees.

When the service is complete, we issue a COVID-19 disinfection certificate; we recommend you display the certificate to inform users and employees that the environment has been sanitised and is safe.

To guarantee a successful outcome:
– special clothing procedures are in place to safeguard the health of our technicians and to avoid any spread of infection
– specialist electrostatic equipment is used to disinfect complex surfaces and objects; this system ensures that the disinfectant product is distributed 3-dimensionally across ALL solid surfaces.


Technical PDF sheet for COVID-19 disinfection